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22 Feb 2020

TUC digital healthcheck

I’ve been working with the TUC on the latest version of their digital healthcheck tool, with our third major release (version 3) seeing a significant revision. It has been several years since the last revamp, and so these latest changes reflect the fast-moving world of technology.

For those who have never used this tool before, our digital healthcheck is a simple tool that allows unions to benchmark their digital and technical maturity. It is an interactive Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, providing ‘best match’ choices across a broad range of categories. Alongside the use of technology, it also helps to measure the organisational and cultural changes needed in a union to maximise the benefits of new technology.

There are no right or wrong answers as such. Its key purpose is to help benchmark against best practice.

The importance on benchmarking

As experience of what leads to successful outcomes emerge, best practice benchmarking allows a union to understand where they are, measure their progress and identify strengths and weaknesses. We have made this tool to help illustrate what these best digital and technical best practices look like in a union setting, reflecting the challenges and latest innovations in both the movement and the wider world.

For example, over the last few years, many unions have been adopting a more flexible approach to their IT infrastructure, utilising Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) technologies and cloud environments to increase resilience, reduce costs and increase productivity through new ways of working.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, the unions who have gone further in adopting these steps have also benefited from a much easier transition to home working than those still relying on a legacy infrastructure: reliant on hardware situated in closed offices and limited by bottlenecks in remote network connections.

Digital transformation

Similarly, unions that are adopting the best digital cultural practices have been improving facilities such as online joining, making it easier to join and boosting membership numbers. It is not so much the technology that has changed here, but the culture of working that allows unions to better meet the expectations of members.

The categories for this new revision of the digital healthcheck have been revised and expanded. The measurements are spread across seven categories: Strategic Approach, Digital in the organisation, Membership, Communications, Web Presence, Data and IT and Systems.

It takes about 20 minutes to complete and the results are entirely owned by your union - the data is not shared by default.

To access the digital healthcheck, search Google or go to

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