Our Information Architecture expertise makes software easy to use

At its core, Information Architecture helps people understand their online environment, where they are and where to go to find what they want.

Simon Parry is an experienced and qualified Information Architect

Simon has been providing Information Architecture services since founding Infobo in 2010. Simon has an MSc in Information Management and has developed his information science skills in a number of roles, from Graduate Trainee Librarian to Head of Information & Website Systems and Chief Information Officer.

Simon has worked on numerous websites, intranets, apps and libraries

Clients include online retailers, service providers, hospitals, fund managers, website developers and trade unions. See examples of our work. Our Information Architecture expertise combines with our skills in Technical Specification writing and Search Engine Optimisation


What does Information Architecture involve?


Audience is key

One of the most important aspects of Information Architecture is understanding the audience. Who will be the users? What are they trying to find or do? Which terminology are they comfortable with? Will the information displayed be useful to them?


Another important aspect is designing effective navigation. Humans get confused by too much choice, so creating a concise and easily understood menu design is often one of the main challenges. This is a critical aspect on large, information heavy websites.


We use wireframing, where a two-dimensional illustration of the user interface of the website or application is created. This allows for the layout, navigation, labelling, spacing and message prioritisation to be clarified before design and development begins.  

As Peter Morville, a ‘founding father’ of the discipline, puts it: “the purpose of your Information Architect is to help users understand where they are, what they’ve found, what’s around, and what to expect”.

It’s about creating the structures, labels, navigation and search systems on websites and on other software. This involves creating site maps, hierarchies, categories (taxonomies), and metadata.

Do you need an Information Architect?

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