We write technical specifications for software development

A technical specification is a document that outlines all the requirements for the software or system. It’s the blueprint for the software developers or IT engineers to work from.


“The most common reason I’ve come across for failed tech projects over the years is a lack of a proper technical specification” - Simon Parry, Infobo.



An essential requirement for a successful software development.

Without a technical specification, there is a good chance the budget will overrun and deadlines will be missed, with the resulting product falling short of expectations

Accurately costing and tendering the software build.

A software specification is used to accurately cost a project, allowing for reliable quotations and running a tender process. It can also be utilised as part of the contractual documents.

Lower costs and reduced development time.

It’s quicker to create user interfaces, layouts and functionality when the requirements are clear. It’s also easier to work with larger teams and deal with changes to personnel.

Helping the client understand what they need.

The overall objective of a new system may be clear, but the devil is in the detail. Writing a spec requires the difficult questions and complexities to be addressed from the outset.


Detail and prioritisation

Specifications are often complex and can be difficult to create. Customers don’t usually fully understand what they need, and developers would rather develop than write a detailed document. 

However, to have a successful project, a significant effort should be put into the specification. It should be more detailed, not less. When planning a project, the necessary resources should be allocated for the creation of a good specification early in the process.

It can also be used to define the priorities for development when budget is an issue and clarify any quality standards that need to be met.


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We've developed specifications for a range of software applications.

This ranges from capturing requirements that meet an existing need, to creative solutions for new software based on an underdeveloped idea.

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