Do you need a virtual CIO for your organisation?

A vCIO serves as an organisation’s Chief Information Officer on a flexible basis, usually for organisations that are too small to employ a full time CIO but benefit from a dedicated strategic lead on IT and technology.


The role of a virtual Chief Information Officer


Key responsibilities

•   Developing the strategic IT goals
•   Managing the IT budget
•   Facilitating changes in technology and ways or working
•   Helping to maintain the technological infrastructure
•   Manage, evaluate and migrate vendors

Required skills

•   Be as comfortable in the board room as the server room
•   Work on the bigger picture
•   Focus on the human element and change
•   Bring different parts of the organisation together
•   Help improve productivity and return on investment


Simon Parry

Infobo's Simon Parry is an experienced virtual CIO. With strong leadership and management skills, he can deal with competing tasks and encourage collaboration

Simon is a technology polymath, with a wide range of experience and abilities that allow for a broad portfolio ‐ from carrying out consultations and strategic reviews to writing specifications and building websites

About Simon Parry


Tech Steering Group

The vCIO will often chair a regular Tech Steering Group that brings people involved in tech from across the organisation.

This group helps to overview progress and formulate strategy while helping to ensure internal barriers are overcome

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