9 March 2021

Joining a union online in 2021

Expectations around good quality online services and facilities have never been higher. This isn’t limited just to internet-based companies, but for…

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9 February 2021

Why you should own your website - the importance of developer independence

Early on in my career, I remember the frustration of inheriting a website that was locked into a development company that provided terrible service.

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19 January 2021

Websites and taxonomies

If a website has a lot of content and information, then it’s important to provide tools to help visitors navigate through the content to find what…

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1 December 2020

Which unions are the most influential on Twitter in 2020?

Every year, I carry out an analysis of the TUC affiliated unions to see how they rank for influence on Twitter. I compile the results into a league…

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12 October 2020

What is Edge Computing?

The next wave of change in technology will involve more data crunching taking place closer to home, with the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G and…

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28 August 2020

Trade Union Website League Table 2020

Every July, I carry out an analysis to see how the websites of TUC affiliated unions compare for their perceived ‘authority’. This is a technique…

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10 July 2020

Crawling and website audits

If you work on or manage a website there is a useful procedure you can carry out to audit your site, especially with regards to how well the website…

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7 July 2020

The TUC's SharePoint Intranet

I’ve been working with the TUC on the development of their new Intranet. It’s just been launched and is developed entirely in SharePoint.

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18 May 2020

What is Digital Transformation?

While strictly speaking, the term ‘digital’ refers to the use of digits and especially binary digits, it has also come to mean something more over…

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22 February 2020

TUC digital healthcheck

I’ve been working with the TUC on the latest version of their digital healthcheck tool, with our third major release (version 3) seeing a significant…

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