09 Mar 2021

Joining a union online in 2021

Expectations around good quality online services and facilities have never been higher. This isn’t limited just to internet-based companies, but for all organisations with an online presence. This includes trade unions. Back in 2012, I carried out research into online joining facilities, looking at the offerings from all the TUC affiliated unions. I’d developed one of the first ever full union online joining systems for Prospect back in 2005 and had always been keen to see progress in this area. In 2012 I found that 18 unions offered full online joining, with a further 10 offering a partial
18 May 2020

What is Digital Transformation?

While strictly speaking, the term ‘digital’ refers to the use of digits and especially binary digits, it has also come to mean something more over the last few years. ‘Digital’ has also become a buzzword. Not just about the use of the latest internet technologies, but also around the skills, techniques and even the culture associated with the ways modernised companies and organisations work. In parallel, the term ‘digital transformation’ has become commonplace, describing the process of integrating not just the technologies, but also changing the operations and culture of an organisation to
22 Feb 2020

TUC digital healthcheck

I’ve been working with the TUC on the latest version of their digital healthcheck tool, with our third major release (version 3) seeing a significant revision. It has been several years since the last revamp, and so these latest changes reflect the fast-moving world of technology. For those who have never used this tool before, our digital healthcheck is a simple tool that allows unions to benchmark their digital and technical maturity. It is an interactive Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, providing ‘best match’ choices across a broad range of categories. Alongside the use of technology, it also