We can help you attract more visitors, increasing influence and sales

SEO is the art of increasing the visitors to a website through search engines. A good SEO strategy helps sites appear higher for relevant searches and increases click through rates.

Our SEO services

We provide two key services to boost visitors.

Improving your website

We carry out SEO audits and help organise and configure websites to send the most effective signals possible to search engines. This is usually the most cost-effective step any organisation can take to get more visitors.

There are many aspects to ‘onsite optimisation’. The quality of and approach to writing content, as well as the structure of the content, is very important. There are also many technical elements, such as the correct use of meta data such as title tags, internal link set-ups and ensuing search engines know which pages are important and which should not be indexed.

Increasing links and mentions

Many factors are taken into consideration by search engines when ranking websites and keyword relevance, but the single most important factor is the amount and quality of links a website has from other sites.

The text used in these hyperlinks, known as ‘anchor text’, is also very important. Other external factors, such as social media mentions (tweeted links etc) and usage signals (such as staying on the page and not returning to the results), also count.

Search engines like Google and Bing have natural search engine results, where they use their own algorithms to calculate which webpages are most relevant and authoritative for the search keywords.

A good SEO strategy helps sites appear higher in these results and optimises the result text to increase click through rates. This is separate to paid search advertisements, where organisations pay search engines for a prominent position.


The evolution of SEO

Search engines' algorithms are always changing as well, so SEO tactics need to continue to evolve to keep bringing in the visitors.

Appear higher in search results

We provide a range of SEO services, such as website audits, internal search engine optimisation, link building strategies and developing sites that target search traffic.