28 Aug 2013

The Climbing Frame App

A new addition to the world of trade union Apps has just been released. TUC unionlearn’s popular Climbing Frame website, an online service primarily aimed at Union Learning Reps, has been launched as an App. The App is another way of accessing the same information as on the website, allowing Union Learning Reps and other learner managers to access learning content and manage the progress of learners. The Climbing Frame is a long established tool, created by the TUC’s learning and skills organisation unionlearn. It’s most recent form - that of a website-based service - has proved popular with
19 Aug 2010

Climbing frame website launched

Union Learning Reps (ULR) play an increasingly important role in the workplace, and a new tool has been launched to help them – the web based Climbing Frame. This website combines learning content with a mechanism to manage the progress of learners. The system replaces a previous version that had to be installed on individual machines.Unionlearn, the TUC body set up to promote learning, found that whilst users recognised the benefits of the Climbing Frame, its potential was undermined by compatibility and accessibility problems. This was particularly noticeable inside company networks. Being