31 May 2011

China Strikes

China is undergoing a period of rapid industrialisation and growth, having recently become the second largest economy in the world. This has led to strains in industrial relations. With China’s strict controls on the free press and trade unions, and the sheer size of the country and population, it’s been difficult to get a clear picture of the industrial action taking place. Thanks to a great new online resource, this has become easier. Developed by Manfred Elfstrom, a PhD student at Cornell University in the United States, this new website shows a map of China, highlighting each occurrence of
01 Apr 2011

The big 'Apple'

Apple computers have gone from strength to strength in the last few years, launching iconic products like the iPod, iPhone and now the iPad. Indeed, last year Apple overtook Microsoft as the biggest technology company in the world on market value. Not bad for a company that almost went bust in the 1990s. Apple followers are famously devoted, and this was illustrated last year when two professors at Texas A&M University published research that compared the cult of Apple computers to a faith. "The religious-like behaviour and language surrounding Apple devotion/fandom is an example of 'implicit