17 Sep 2014

Unions & cloud-based services

Cloud-based services have been growing in popularity over the last few years. These services are delivered online and are usually paid for on an ongoing basis, with flexible pricing depending on the needs of the user. This usually results in lower costs and lower risks, combined with reliable and well-built software. While some unions are already using these services, their popularity will grow over the next few years. One cloud-based service that a number of unions are already using is MailChimp. This web-based application allows unions to email their members and can handle a huge number of
30 Apr 2013

Got your web in the Cloud?

Cloud computing is a bit of a buzzword at the moment. Simply put, the ‘cloud’ refers to a service delivered across multiple machines on the internet rather than just the one server. Long seen as a technology that will be dominant in the future, cloud computing is becoming more mainstream. I recently had to get more hosting space for the websites I host on behalf of clients and I’ve decided to start using cloud hosting. So, what is cloud technology and why use it? Cloud computing is essentially the ability to employ a number of computers to serve your computing needs, remotely without actually