To help develop a new Intranet in SharePoint.

This new Intranet needed to meet the needs of staff, intregate with Office 365 and be easy to access outside the office on different devices.


The Trades Union Congress (TUC) is the federation representing the majority of trade union in England and Wales.

The TUC exists to make the working world a better place for everyone.


Working with the brilliant team at the TUC, we held focus groups, interviews and surveys to understand what the TUC needed from their new intranet. This helped us work with the TUC to deliver an information architecture and develop a SharePoint Intranet site.

Developing Intranets in SharePoint

Developing an Intranet in SharePoint is quite different to using a standard website approach. There are many limitations of what can be done around design and customisation. However, the opportunity to integrate within Microsoft 365 make it a great option for organisations that have adopted this cloud service.

Our blog about the TUC's SharePoint Intranet
Integration with Microsoft 365

For example, it's easy for key documents and files to be integrated with the Intranet without the need to copy or move them from their SharePoint library, using the inbuilt information architecture tools.

The powerful Power Automate (Flows) tool allows for automated processes, such as the archiving of older content.