To develop a new modern career guidance website for professionals that combines quality written content and podcasts.

An later requirement was to redevelop the site to allow for a major expansion, adding new facilities powered by big data from official government sources.


Prospect is the union for professionals in the UK, with over 120,000 members across a range of sectors.

Prospect felt that there wasn't a great online offering for careers guidance for established professionals, and so wanted to create Careersmart.


The project combined a need for an easy to use, content driven website with the complex requirements of integrating an underused official big data source. We develop pages using an infographic approach to help bring the raw big data to life. 

Using the powerful Drupal CMS allowed us to handle the complex requirements. We created a bespoke Drupal module to manage the big data functionality, as well as overseeing the creation of written content.

Making big data user friendly

One of the great challenges of this project was tapping an underused Big Data source to create well crafted and informative pages on occupations and industries.

This involved create code that could process and interpret the data, allowing for original analysis of the information. For example, the occupational breakdown by gender on Careesmart has become the top result for related searches in Google. 

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