To create the blueprints and oversee the development of a range of tools for a new iOS, Android and web app for apprentices and those considering an apprentice.

We needed to take high level ideas and flesh out every details to allow the developers to build a suite of software.


Unionlearn is the learning and skills organisation of the Trades Union Congress (TUC). Unionlearn works to assist unions in the delivery of learning opportunities for their members, as well as managing the Union Learning Fund (ULF).

Union learning helps people acquire skills and qualifications to boost their job prospects and improve their employability.


This project involved a lot of research and creative thinking. We took high level concepts, such as the need for 'Rate your apprenticeship' and 'Choose the right apprenticeship' tools, and created specifications that made them come to life.

We project managed from start to finish, overseeing the concept and technical development, to deliver the suite of software on time and budget.

A creative challenge

This project required a great deal of creative thinking as well as information architecture skills.

For example, to meet the requirements for a 'Rate your apprenticeship' tool, we developed an idea based on Tinder that would make the tool more engaging and quick to use. Apprentices simply have to swish left or right across a number of statements to help us identify potential issues.

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