To develop and manage a website for a new campaigning charity.

As well as reflecting the brand, the site had to be flexible enough to evolve as the charity matured. This involved regular revisions to the content structure and navigation.


The Diversity Project is a cross-company initiative championing a more inclusive culture within the Savings and Investment profession.

They believe that they have an extraordinary opportunity to press the re-set button in the industry: to recruit, nurture and retain the first truly diverse generation of Savings and Investment professionals.


One of the biggest challenges was keeping the site flexible and making regular changes as the Diversity Project became established.

It was clear the site would need to be able to handle a variety of content, so we used the powerful Drupal CMS to ensure the site was flexible and could work with the variety of content. We also ensures the site was optimised for search engines.

Managing an evolving site

With the Diversity Project, the initial build was only the start. We've worked closely with the charity as the campaign has developed, ensuring the website has adapted to the ongoing needs.

We also work closely with the content and administration team to ensure the website is updated regularly and remains fresh and relevant. 

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